Viber bulk messaging software made specially
for business

Save and Earn Thousands and Thousands of
Dollars on Viber Bulk Messaging

Program in work:


If you visit our site you have one of the three questions:

You have business (online shop or offline shop) and you want to inform your clients of the new offers and sales. Thst is not the best idea to order  old fashioned SMS campaigns, is it?

*BTW if you'd like to contact all 100% of your customers' list (not only having viber) you need
to check out another our product*


You'd like to generate a thick flow of new customers. Fast, easy, savvy.


Or you just want to earn money by selling bulk messaging in Viber?

If you answer to any of these questions "YES" we can easily help you!

Some details about our services:

     You may send both text and pics.

Send up to 1000 characters (not like up to 70-140 as ordinary SMS).
Plus beautiful photo. Your customers shall like it.

     Save on messaging.

Super low cost of a message. Having our software you'll spend less than 1.1-2,5 usd for 1000 messages. That is 3-6 times cheaper than ordering such bulk messaging campaigns from anywhere else.

     Free your pc.

It is not any more needed that you busy all your pc for just messaging.
Your mouse and keyboard are free at once and for all.

     Preparing Viber supplies  (accounts or channels).

Our new VibeX AutoReg automatically registers accounts. Your just adjust the program, start work and go lying in hammock: messaging is done all by itself.
By the way VibeX AutoReg reduces messaging spends 2-3 times easily!

     Messaging campaign reports.

After Messaging is done you and your clients can easily get all needed reports
in one click.

     Personal name and pic.
Recipients will see the needed logo and name of your company you need.
No no-name messages any more.

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Why our software?

     Best support on the market. Mon-Sat 12 hours a day.

Full and detailed manuals help you get any answers. Anyway if you have a question our support team shall help you
in a blink of an eye. There are no "stupid" questions for us.

     100% law guarantee and contact work.

If you need it we may sign a contract for you to feel safe with us. No anonymous payments any more.

     Don't have customers' list? No problem.

Just tell us what numbers' list you need and you have it easily with our software.

     VibeX mega filter cures your headache without pills.

You want to filter only those being registered in viber? This is super easy with our software. VibeX mega filter works
on full auto, doesn't busy your pc, and doesn't require supervision. You won't find any other software like that long
and long time.

     Full responsibility for our products.

We sell only 100% licensed software. No cracks, nulled and whatsoever. Be aware of scammers who try to sell stolen software.


Price table

VibeX Business
930 usd
(save 88%)


249 usd
(save 31%)

VibeX Starter
73 usd

VibeX Sender


Personal consultations to improve your messgaing campaigns

VibeX Mega Filter (Filtering while messaging)

VK Phones Parser

InstaParser PRO

VibeX AutoReg (Channels auto registering tool)

Manuals and Instructions


10 licenses

1 year

1 license

9 months

1 month / 1 license

filters during sending

1 month

This pack is:

For Business and huge messaging campaigns

For those who want
to just try it

For small business and small messgaing campaigns from time to time